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Our Process

We’ve got you covered from quote to completion

When you work with us, you’ll experience more than the standard builder-client relationship. You’ll join us on a journey you enjoy.

We’ve refined the way we work to make sure of it.

Phase 1: Preparation

The way we prepare brings top tradespeople and a smooth supply of materials to your project.

Trade procurement

We select subcontractors based on:

Safety and quality assurance

Company registration and financial checks

Trade capabilities (licences, equipment and experience)

Past performance and references

Workload capacity, resources and supervision

Cost and value for money

Ability to meet program milestones

Design capabilities

Defect completion on previous projects

Supply procurement

The construction industry can be unpredictable. But we protect your project against industry-wide delays and supply shortages.

How do we do it?

By keeping a dedicated storage facility so we can source materials early – and store them until we put them to use on your project.

Phase 2: Construction

We’ve developed our construction practices over 10+ years to deliver safe, quality projects.

Best-practice management systems

Our quality management, environmental management, and WH&S management systems are all best-practice certified.

And we constantly audit and update them to keep up with code and industry changes.

Working in your environment

Your site manager will work with you to establish an approach that least impacts your functioning environment.

This involves:

Agreeing on a control plan that informs our approach

Hosting weekly meetings

Monitoring the project’s impact on your environment

Incorporating your WH&S policies and procedures into our site inductions and WH&S plan

Phase 3: Completion and handover

We’re set on clear and efficient management at this stage of the project. Because it means handing your project over to you is seamless.

Commissioning or handover plans

Our commissioning or handover plans clear up any confusion around the requirements of each stakeholder.

These plans cover:

Pre-commissioning checks and cleaning

System commissioning and balancing

Systems interfaces and operation

System proving/performance tests

Certification of systems and materials

Client demonstrations and training

Operating and maintenance manuals

Defects management

We’ve honed our defects management system to eliminate defects at the source. Here’s how we do it:

Pre-commencement subcontractor and employee inductions to establish standards, expectations, and the application of our defects management system

Inspections by tradesmen and direct-line supervisors with check-sheets to identify and resolve problems as they arise

Inspections by Tower Projects supervisors and management as a secondary check

Regular ‘toolbox talks’ to swiftly raise and resolve any quality/defect issues

Want to make your project a journey you’ll enjoy?