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Ready for a fulfilling career in construction? That’s exactly what you’ll build as a Tower Projects team member.

Culture comes first

For us, hiring is as much about personality as it is proficiency.

Decent people are our priority. That’s the policy that has let us grow into such a tight-knit group.

We’re also committed to your work-life balance.

That means giving you projects closest to your home where possible – or stepping in for you if things get too busy or stressful.

And when it comes to team fun, no one does it better. From fun runs to axe throwing, we know how to take a break.

Collaboration – not competition

Our people want to work well. And they want to work together.

You’ll join a team of hard workers who help, rely on and look out for each other.

Plus, we’ve flipped the corporate pyramid.

With us, it’s the senior staff who exist for the up-and-comers – not the other way around. So forget fighting your way up the ladder.

The pathway to your potential

With such diverse project sizes and scopes, there’s no limit to what you can learn.

And results never go unrewarded.

When a new role arises, we look to progress our own people before searching for candidates externally.

So – whether it’s a tie or a toolbelt that takes your interest – if you know your career path, we’ll help you take it.

Learn more about joining the Tower Projects family today.